Property & Casualty Coverages

We offer a number of coverages designed specifically for the unique operating risks of quick serve restaurant owners.
These coverages include:
Provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to your store or its contents. In addition, the policy covers Equipment Breakdown Coverage, Property in Transit, Business Personal Property of Others, Property Off Premises, Accounts Receivable and Valuable Papers. Optional coverages include: Business Income, Glass, and Computer.
General Liability
This coverage provides various limits of liability for the store owner and its employees. Coverage includes bodily injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury as well as miscellaneous medical payments to others.
Workers' Compensation

Provides coverage for employees for on-the-job injuries. This coverage applies regardless of fault and is written to follow individual state laws. Coverage is provided for medical expenses and lost wages. There are five states which are known as monopolistic states. These states are North Dakota, West Virginia, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. If you reside in these states, you must purchase your workers' compensation through the state.

Business Auto
Liability and physical damage coverage is provided for business autos. Various limits for liability coverage and deductible levels on physical damage are available.
Excess liability coverage above the basic liability limits to cover large claims that exhaust the liability limits in the underlying primary policies. Limits up to $5,000,000 can be purchased.
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